journaling has become more and more popular over the past years and it is finding itís purpose in many different areas. 

some people use it to write down what they are grateful for at the beginning or the end of the day and others like to record their thoughts in writing in order to clear their mind. 


Reflecting your thoughts

journaling is also often used as reflective writing to further mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. it offers the opportunity of proving focus and clarity to solve issues, concerns or conflicts. writing down things that burden you is helpful to get a deeper understanding of yourself and possible issues in your life. 

as opposed to diary writing, where daily events and happenings of your life are recorded, journaling focusses on your internal experiences, reactions and feelings during special occasions. this act of reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings helps you to perceive experiences more clearly and has a positive effect on your mental and physical health. 


Journal Foto


How it all begann…

even though people have always been writing diaries and journals, the therapeutic aspect of reflecting thoughts and feelings got into public awareness trough a psychologist named Dr. Ira Progoff. he started offering workshops in the use of what he named intensive journal method. his method became popular very quickly and since the publication of books about journal writing, more and more people got introduced to it. 


benefits of journaling

by recording and writing down the issues in your life you get a better understanding of them and maybe also diagnose problems that are derived by them. journaling has been used successful for grief and loss and coping with damning experiences. it also helps you to increase your communication skills, develop a healthier self-esteem, get a better perspective on life and clarify your life goals. 

all in all journaling can be used in many different ways and it is helpful to process both challenging times in your life and also write down things that make you feel happy and good. 


Some Journaling Promts for you

what do i need more of in my life?

who do i want to be for myself?

what am i most excited for?

what are my 3 short-term personal goals?

what does mean love to me?

how do i show kindness and compassion every day?

how do i make time for myself every day?



when using the technique of journaling after yoga, your thoughts might be even clearer and you get to dive down deeper into your emotions and feelings. just take a deep breath and have a try. 

Get your one mantra mat

what are your experiences with journaling? 

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