New Year mantras

New Year mantras

happy new year 2023. let’s start off the year with lot’s of new power and energy. 

even though every day is a day to set new intentions, the new year often makes it easier to stick to a fresh routine.

to feel supported and keep you inspired month after month we have 12 new-years mantras for you. 

the word mantra is derived from two sanskrit words - manas = mind and tra = tool. mantra literally means a tool for the mind. a mantra can be a saying, a song or a phrase. in yoga, a mantra is used to calm and focus the mind. by repeating mantras, we can manifest positive affirmations.

let‘s explore the following mantras and see which ones feel best to you.  

1. I am good enough. I am doing enough. I am enough.

2. I speak with kindness. I listen with compassion.

3. I don’t compare myself to other people. I am my own version of perfect.

4. I am meant to have a magical life

5. Everything is within me.

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9. All things are possible.

10. I am enough. I am Whole. I am Worthy.  

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11. I will practice forgiveness starting with myself. 

12. I am a magnet for success. 

you can either choose a mantra for every month or pick your favourite mantras. the mantras will help you to support your goals and visions day by day.

you want to be reminded of your mantras every day? have a look at the one mantra yoga mats which show different mantras according your vibe. 

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take a deep breath & choose your mantra.

close your eyes for a moment and listen to yourself! how are you? how do you want to feel? take a few deep breaths and choose the right mantra on your yoga mat in the store.

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